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For More Than 50 Years, The Arc Has Been There for My Brother and My Family

Dear Friends,

Many families trust The Arc Minnesota to help with difficult challenges. My family initially received support from The Arc nearly fifty years ago. After living out of the state for a few years, we moved back to Minnesota, and I knew that meant we would need to navigate new services. Thankfully, I also knew The Arc would be there again to help our family.

Like many families, we had times of stability and times when our needs changed and we needed to make quick decisions without having a lot of information. Each time, Arc Advocates supported us.

For more than 50 years, The Arc has been there for my brother and my family.

For my brother Ron and other people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, needs can change in an instant. When the future feels uncertain and we’re unsure what our next steps will be, it’s comforting to know that The Arc’s caring and informed Advocates are a phone call away. They bring extensive knowledge of the resources available, provide perspective on our situation, and advocate on our behalf.

Advocates showed Ron housing options, assisted me in gaining Minnesota Guardianship, and pointed us in the direction of job agencies. Because of the support provided by The Arc, Ron has the ability to embrace his talents and pursue his interests. He is a loving uncle to my grandchildren. He is a talented woodworker. He is an active advocate in the community and recently sat on a panel where he helped educate people about older adults with autism.

Everyone deserves to make their own choices to lead a happy and prosperous life.

Many families share our story and the need in our community continues to grow. I have been an active supporter of The Arc for years because I believe in their ability to support families’ needs, like my own. Thank you for supporting The Arc Minnesota.


Pam Ryder