Capitol Connectors Teams

About Capitol Connectors Teams

Capitol Connectors Teams build awareness about issues that impact Minnesotans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). These teams create a statewide, grassroots advocacy network. This network and the Capitol Connectors Teams focus on public policy, systems reform, and disability justice.

Working together, we can take action to create change, and build power in Minnesota’s disability community.

Capitol Connector Teams work to:

  • Create strong networks of support among self-advocates, people who have disabilities, family members, and other allies
  • Build individual advocacy skills and support larger grassroots advocacy efforts
  • Create relationships with elected officials who work in Minnesota and Washington, D.C.
  • Take action on public policies and systems reform that impact Minnesotans who have disabilities
  • Create recognition that the disability community as powerful, capable, and resilient
  • Build and mobilizing power of the disability community and its allies

Capitol Connectors Teams are sponsored by The Arc Minnesota. For more information, contact Gene Martinez, Legislative Advocacy Coordinator for The Arc Minnesota,

You can also sign up to join a Capitol Connectors Team by filling out this form.

Disability Policy Seminars

Watch the video below to learn more about Disability Policy Seminar (DPS) virtual visits and the roles of Facilitator and Speakers in the meetings. Contact Gene at for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are Capitol Connectors Teams put together?

  • A: There is one Capitol Connectors Team in each of Minnesota’s Congressional Districts. Each team will have a lead. Some teams will have a co-lead. Each team will have at least three other members.

Q: How will the disability community benefit from Capitol Connectors Teams?

  • A: By having a group of informed and active policy volunteers statewide, we can create more relationships with elected officials who work in St. Paul and Washington, D.C. Capitol Connectors Team members will teach decision-makers and learn about issues that impact Minnesotans who have disabilities. This will help build the influence, strength and power of our community.

Q: How can I join a Capitol Connectors Team where I live?