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We can discuss the following topics in more detail: 

Check out the resources below to get started. Still have a question? Submit an Ask an Advocate or call us.

I want to join a self-advocacy or networking group.

I want to move and I need help.

  • You must have Medical Assistance in order to access the Arc’s Housing Programs.
  • Call or submit an Ask An Advocate to sign up for one of our Housing Programs

I have question about low-cost health care.

I want to talk with a MNsure Navigator.

We no longer have MNsure Navigators on staff.

I have a question about Medical Assistance, MA- EPD, TEFRA, or SMRT.

I have a question about disability benefits.

I have a question about Social Security benefits. 

I’m wondering how a change in assets will affect my benefits (SSI, MA, SNAP, etc).

I have a question about CADI and DD waivers.  

I have a question about PCA services.

I have a question about Consumer Directed Community Supports/Consumer Support Grant/Family Support Grant.

I have questions about Guardianship and other decision making supports.

I have questions about planning for the future.

I have a question about education and transition.

I want to set up an ABLE account.

We don’t set up or manage ABLE accounts.


We cannot provide further information about the following topics:

Please reference the resources for each category.

I have a question about food support.

I want to hire staff like a case manager, job coach, vocational rehabilitation specialist, respite, or PCA.

The Arc Minnesota does not have staff to provide these roles.  Please contact:

I have questions about COVID-19, testing, vaccinations, and stimulus checks.

I want help filing my taxes.

We are not tax professionals and do not have a list of current tax preparers.

We do not provide legal or financial advice.  We recommend contacting the Disability Law Center or Volunteer Lawyers Network

I was denied benefits and want to appeal.

We are not able to attend appeal hearings.

I need a functional, behavioral, or diagnostic assessment.

We do not provide these assessments.

I need help fixing my car.

We do not have funds available for this.

I have a question about accessibility.

I need help paying my rent.

We don’t have funds to pay rent. We don’t have a program to assist with home ownership.